There is simply no temperature control challenge too tough for Precision Tech Home Services.  For those difficult to heat or cool spaces, renovation projects, additions, and more, we offer a rewarding range of ductless systems, ductless air conditioners and heat pumps.  These compact units suit any sized space, decor, or demand, requiring little more than a minor hole in an exterior wall and access to electricity.

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The slim indoor unit mounts up high on the wall and links, via a conduit, to a compact outdoor unit.  Targeting a single or multiple rooms, ductless options automatically adapt capacity to exact requirements, raising or lowering speed to provide the perfect amount of conditioning and minimize energy use.  Quiet, safe, clean, and operated by a cordless remote or your smartphone, ductless mini and multi-splits allow you to switch between heating and cooling quickly, raise or lower temperature, and program operation to suit.  Contact Precision Tech Home Services for further information, installation completed in a single day, seasonal maintenance, and repair throughout Manalapan, NJ and surrounding areas.