Do Your Air Ducts Need Inspection?

Have you had your air ducts inspected lately? The amount of dust they accumulate inside would surprise you if you didn’t do this. In addition to inspecting for cleanliness, it’s also smart to examine the condition of your ductwork. Here’s … Continued

How to Fix the Five Most Common AC Problems

#1: Your AC Doesn’t Turn On This is the most common and the most frustrating AC problem. And it’s so frustrating because several different issues can cause it. We recommend following the checklist below when it comes to troubleshooting. What … Continued

Keep Your Air Conditioner Running Smooth This Summer

Clean the Outdoor Condenser Unit Your air conditioner’s condenser coil is located on the outside of the unit. Accumulates debris over time which can reduce its efficiency. Before your AC kicks into full use, check the outdoor condenser coil. Further … Continued

Heat Wave: What to Do When Your AC Fails

Troubleshoot The AC System  When your air conditioner first stops working, you may feel panicked and want to call right away for repairs. Before you do, go through a basic set of troubleshooting steps to see if there’s a simple … Continued

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your AC System

Faulty Capacitors That Can Cause Your System to to Be Done For Each summer, people with dead air conditioners make many calls for air conditioner repair. Then they need some information on its replacement. That is not always the case. … Continued

Knowing When to Replace Your Air Conditioner

When it’s scorching outside, you trust your air conditioner to keep things comfortable inside. But is your air conditioning taking a long time to cool down the house? This is common on sweltering days, which strain your air conditioner harder … Continued

How Generators Power Electricity

Electric generators play a critical role in providing electricity to our homes, businesses, and industries. Circumstances that lead to the use of a generator can be planned for, like a scheduled power outage. However, unforeseen events can disrupt the flow … Continued